Found, San Francisco 2013.

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A few months back we were pushed out of our studio in the Soma neighborhood of San Francisco by the dot com companies. Before I left I went through a few other studios of people who were already gone. These 6 photographs were some of the 12 I found. I’ve been working to scan the slides, clean them because they were very dirty from sitting in the bottom of a filing cabinet for who know how long, and finding a platform to display them.

Recently I’ve been derailed, but I’m in my new space, still setting up and getting back to work.

This smal collection of found photographs will be put into a blurb book format soon with a full artist statement talking about why I’m doing this.



8X10 Color. Givin it to ya dirty.

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I’d like to share a few photographs made with my eastman kodak 2d 8X10.

Although I have quite a few more, my lap top has decided that it doesn’t want me to be productive today, Photoshop keeps crashing and freezing. which also means that these photographs are not spotted, or really color corrected. so there are only a couple here for you.Image

Water slide, Hampton Beach, NH.

ImageOver looking a town in Vermont from Route 89.


I dont play internet that well.

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I’ve tried many times in the past to do this. and once again, I go several weeks with no updates, and have zero interactions with others.

I plan to start working less at my job and working more with my photography and the internet. I am operations manager for a local clothing company here in San Francisco, and it’s starting to take over. 40 plus hours a week is good for my wallet, but it’s bad for my productivity and my brain.

El Paso Texas – San Francisco California

October 19, 2012 § 3 Comments

I Made this photograph last summer in El Paso texas, I pulled to the side of the very busy highway opened the window leaned out as far as i could and made one picture in between the speeding cars. I call it ‘Looking to Mexico’.

To me it is a precursor to the work I’m making right now in San Francisco. After moving out of New Hampshire across the country to a city I couldn’t get the question ‘What am I going to make pictures of now?’ out of my mind. For a while i didn’t make any pictures. Once i got a job i carried my camera every day, taking the afternoons to walk the half hour, which quickly turned into and hour and a half, home making pictures. thinking about what i was photographing I figured out i was drawn to these, for lack of better words, barriers, concrete walls of buildings, temporary fences surrounding construction sites, 15′ tell shrubs, and so on. continuing in this fashion I’ve been making many pictures of these things, blocking my view to what is beyond them, but theres always a hint of the other side.

Scanning film right now I thought back to this photograph from El Paso and realized how similar they all are to this photograph. I then thought back to an Interview that Michael Auping conducted with Stephen Shore where the subject of the interview quickly became about why Shore photographs the things he does when Auping’s first question was ‘How do you decide what to photograph?’ The interview ended with Shore talking about why people ask this question,

‘My hunch is that the people who ask “Why did stephen shore take that picture?” are people used to seeing photographs that are high in initial impact.’

I still cant help asking myself that question though, ‘why are you photographing what you are?’

Obviously my mind and my photographs are focusing on questions, I talk to myself all day long every day, asking questions, but I never get a straight answer. I’m working towards these answers. And I’m working on trying not to use any cliche about focusing on breaking barriers. Duh.

And of course i had to go back and find the direct quotes from the Auping Shore interview, If you don’t have it already you should probably buy ’30 years interviews and outtakes’ by Michael Auping. It’s a book. We have 2 copies.

Fluorescent Yellow

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Samantha was given an assignment to make a photograph with a fluorescent yellow piece of paper. I decided I would do the same, so i made her give me one of her extras. So here’s the paper, and the photograph I made.
Over and out.

Look at this!

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I have work in this show. they decided to post my photograph on the front page of the website! all of my friends and family back east should probably support me and check it out. since i cant afford to fly back east right now!

Over and out.


It has recently come to my attention…

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That i should be more involved in the internet blog world. 

Moving to a new city where I know no one has seriously cut my options for conversations about photography, aside from Samantha inviting me to her graduate school events. 

So here goes my first real attempt at a blog. Updates about things i find interesting, new work, and updates about upcoming shows I’m involved in are to follow. 

This seems like an odd way to start a blog.

Over and out.